Patient Stories

The University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute has the privilege of treating patients with complex conditions and needs. Click on any of the links below to read some of these inspiring patient stories.

  • Randy Johnson

    In 2013, Randy suffered a traumatic spine injury in a horrific automobile accident. He spent more than a month in therapy at the University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute. A seasoned athlete of many sports, all Randy could think about was never competing again; or doing anything else for that matter. That changed when he was introduced to the Maryland Mayhem.

  • Larry

    When Larry was just 3 years old, he was in a house fire and received 3rd degree burns to his legs.  Eventually, gangrene set in, and doctors recommended amputation.  However, Larry's pain didn't end there- he began feeling excruciating phantom pain. Now, Larry has found relief at University of Maryland's Pain Management Center.
  • Sunshine King

    Sunshine King lost the ability to walk after a domestic dispute, but a research study at UM Rehab & Ortho is beginning to renew her hope for a better life.
  • Doug Wetzel

    Doug Wetzel

    Doug Wetzel went from triathlete and master pastry chef to needing a liver transplant in the blink of an eye. 

  • Isaiah Cannon

    Isaiah Cannon was a regular teenage boy from Edgewood, Md., active and playful with his friends. An innocent scab on the 14-year old’s knee became a nightmarish ordeal when MRSA, an aggressive staph infection, took control of his body and landed him in the PICU at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital (UMCH) for 59 days.

  • Kevin Atherley

    Kevin Atherley

    UM Rehab & Ortho’s Wheelchair Basketball program has given Kevin Atherley motivation on the court and in life.
  • Patient Story: Karen Amon is Married at UM Rehab

    At age 75, Karen Amon is a newlywed.  Amon married her best friend and partner of 33 years on January 29, 2017, in the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Institute. With a new lease on life, Amon feels extremely grateful for the care she has received during her surgery and rehabilitation.

  • Rodney Haigis

    Rodney Haigis

    A car accident left Rodney with a severe spinal cord injury. The specialized care and technology that he accessed through a UM Rehab & Ortho clinical trial boosted his recovery.

  • Shawn Hardester

    After suffering a spinal cord injury, UM Rehab & Ortho’s Wheelchair Rugby program got Shawn moving again.
  • Bruce Hobbs

    Bruce Hobbs

    A stroke left him without use of his left arm, but UM Rehab and Ortho’s Adapted Golf program has helped Bruce enjoy the “golden years” of his retirement.