Your Health

  • Adapted Sports

    Your Health: Adapted Sports

    In this Your Health segment, Mike Henley and Pam Cauley, University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute describe how people with physical limitations can benefit from sports opportunities that use special equipment modifications.

  • Your Health Sports-Related Concussions

    Your Health: Sports-Related Concussions

    In this Your Health segment, Dr. Eugenio Rocksmith, University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics Institute, and John Bielawski, University of Maryland Sports Medicine, discuss sports-related concussions and brain injury.

  • Dr. Ngozi Akabudike explaining about overuse injuries.

    Your Health: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Overuse Injuries

    In this interview, University of Maryland orthpaedic surgeon Dr. Ngozi Akabudike talks about preventing and treating so-called “overuse” injuries. Dr. Akabudike, an assistant professor of orthopaedics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, specializes in treating upper extremity injuries.

  • Your Health- Concussions of Brain Injury

    Your Health: Concussions of Brain Injury

    Catch Our Doctors Monday Evenings on Maryland Public Television.

  • Your Health: Diabetes-Related Foot Problems

    University of Maryland podiatric surgeons Dr. Emily Durrance and Dr. Jacob Wynes discuss the most common diabetes-related foot problems and how people with this disease can take care of their feet.

  • Your Health Preventing Falls

    Your Health: Fall Prevention

    UMROI physical therapists Greg Pirovolidis and Stefanie Ryan discuss fall prevention.

  • Your Health - Dr. Cole talks about stoke

    Your Health: Sports Injuries

    University of Maryland sports medicine specialist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Craig Bennett will talk about treating some common exercise and sports injuries as well as what you can do to prevent them.