Stroke Patient with Therapist
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The University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and individualized Stroke Rehabilitation Program, designed to help stroke patients recover and maximize their potential based on their diagnosis and goals. Here, we focus on ability rather than disability, applying evidence based-care and state-of-the-art technology to each treatment plan, so that patients can ultimately accomplish milestones that were originally considered impossible.

Our Specialized Approach

Individuals who have experienced strokes or other neurological disorders are likely to have trouble with mobility, swallowing, language and communication, and performance of daily living skills. Patients who undergo inpatient rehabilitation following a stroke greatly improve their long-term outcomes. The University of Maryland Rehab & Ortho Institute's Stroke Rehabilitation Program allows patients to heal, recover and rehabilitate in an environment that is caring and supportive. Together, our team of physicians, therapists and other specialists care exclusively for patients who have experienced a stroke, tending to their physical, psychological and emotional needs. This is accomplished through individualized programs of physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, social and cognitive retraining, group treatment and education.

We encourage you to visit for a hospital tour and to meet with a member of our Stroke Rehabilitation team, Call 410-448-2500 to schedule an appointment.