The Well-Life Program

The Well-Life ProgramThe Well-Life Program is a wellness program specifically designed to help you avoid injury in an exercise setting. We identify key health risks and communicate with your physician to establish a safe, comprehensive wellness routine just for you.

The first step of entering the Well-Life program is to have a fitness evaluation to achieve a baseline of your fitness capabilities at the start. From the initial evaluation, an exercise professional creates a program customized to fit your specific needs. Your customized program will enable you to experience the health benefits of regular strength training and aerobic conditioning, including increased endurance and energy, while feeling confident that your team of professionals is looking out for your well-being.

The fee for membership in the Well-Life Program includes $65 for the initial evaluation. We operate with a non-contractual $40 per month for every month enrolled. The Well-Life Program is an out-of-pocket service.

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