L300 Electrical Stimulation Leg Brace

The L300 Electrical Stimulation Leg Brace is a portable, non-invasive foot and ankle orthosis that sends electrical pulses through electrodes attached to patients' legs. These pulses provide the stimulation necessary to greatly improve patients' walking function.

Used primarily to treat foot drop, the L300 may be able to retrain muscles, reduce spasticity, prevent atrophy, and increase range of motion and blood circulation.

The brace generates functional movements specifically designed to provide proprioceptive input and synchronized muscle activity, facilitating normalized movement patterns that may lead to reversal of learned non-use and improved movement.

The following cautions are applicable to patients who use the L300 Electrical Stimulation Leg Brace:

  • Precautions should be taken for patients with demand-type cardiac pacemakers
  • Stimulation should not be applied directly over the area of a malignant tumor
  • Stimulation should not be used over areas of regional disorders, such as fractures or dislocations
  • Do not use simultaneously with high frequency surgical equipment
  • Do not use in proximity (less than one meter) to short wave microwave therapy equipment

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